The Clerk-Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer serving a four-year term for the Town of Markle. This office is responsible for all financial aspects of the Town including record keeping, budgets, payroll, tax reports, insurance, utility billing and accounts payable/receivable. The Clerk-Treasurer works with the Council to accurately document Ordinances, Resolutions, and Motions. As the custodian of municipal records, Minutes from Town Council meetings and the Code of Ordinances can be viewed online or at the Clerk-Treasurer’s office during working hours.

The current Clerk-Treasurer is Stephenie Hensley, who was appointed in March 2020.

Stephenie Hensley
Office: (260) 758-3193
 Fax: (260) 758-2832

Town of Markle
PO Box 367
Markle, IN 46770