Markle Fire Department

The Markle Fire Department covers the Town of Markle and four surrounding townships. Union and Rock Creek townships in both Huntington and Wells county.

The Department presently has 30 fire service personnel.

• 2 Engines 901 & 902
• 1 Tanker 904
• 1 Grass Rig 906
• 1 Rescue truck 901
• 1 Rescue Boat
• 1 Medical Truck 908

The fire department members meet for a monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of the month. They also have monthly fire trainings on the second Saturday and the following Tuesday of every month.

150 West Sparks Street
Markle,IN 46770

Fire Chief  910 – Jon Gray

Assistant Chief 911 – Mike Grant

Captain 912 – Mark Dinius

Captain 913 – Nate Schmalzried

Lieutenant 914 – David Brown

Lieutenant 915- Eric Pike

Safety Officer 945 – Rick Weikel

First Responder Coordinator 941 – Gatlin Sunday

Application For FD Volunteer (PDF)

Markle Volunteer Fire Department History

In 1898, the town of Markle made provisions for a Fire Department, paying one man $6.00 a year to direct volunteers at a fire. The equipment used was an old horse cart, equipped with 100 feet of garden hose.

In 1905, the town bought a single cylinder compression pump on a cart. A bucket brigade fed water to the pump, which was pulled by hand.

There were approximately twenty men that answered the fire bell. The men were all volunteers, getting little if any pay for the fires they attended.

There was no real organization until 1924, when the Department wrote and adopted its first constitution.

That same year the Department joined the Northern Indiana Industrial and volunteer Firemen’s Association. They were also a member of the Indiana Fireman Association. At that time, the Department consisted of ten active members.

All members were to be approved by the Town Board of Markle.

In 1928, the Department purchased its first truck, a Model A Ford.

In 1941, the Department added five more members to the active list, also the same year they added a 1941 Ford.

They added a 1944 Jeep with a 250 gallon tank, to be used for grass fires.

In 1953, the town bought an International truck for use within the city limits. The ford truck was used as a country truck.

In 1957, the townships covered by the Department, bought a 1957 Chevrolet truck. From then on, the old Ford was used as a water wagon shuttling water to the scene of a rural fire one more man was added to the active list, bringing the total to sixteen.

In 1967 the EMS was formed and a Rescue Unit was purchased.

In 1970, the Department received a new Dodge truck for rural use. It was capable of pumping 500 gallons of water per minute and carried 1000 gallons of water.

In 1982, a new station was built.

In 1998, the Department added two more bays and a meeting room to the building.

In 2009 the Department purchased a new  Darley Compressed Air Foam Suppressant truck (C.A.F.S.) This was one of the first of its kind in the State.

In 2011 a new larger meeting room and medics quarters were added.

In 2019 the Department purchased a new Rosenbauer Avenger. It is the first of it’s kind in the state of Indiana.

Today the Department covers the Town of Markle, and four townships, Union, Rockcreek, Townships in Huntington County and Union and Rockcreek in Wells county.

The Department presently has 30 fire service personnel.